My Story

I’m a proud teacher of middle schoolers. And yes, I love it! I’m recently divorced from my high school sweetheart with absolutely no regrets. I have one dog, Baxter, an adorable black lab / shepherd mix.

I’ll eventually post my before and after photos here but I won’t post my face! My students don’t need to see me like this and I certainly don’t need to walk into school one day and find photocopies of my before and after photos all over the school. I like to think I’m well-liked but this age isn’t known for their keen ability to think critically and consider long-term consequences.

I’m 33 and I’m not a parent. I love kids and I love teaching kids. Maybe one day it’ll happen and maybe it won’t but I’ll be good either way.

So how much have I lost on my keto journey?

You won’t believe me until I post my after photos and show you how to do a reverse image search on trusty Google to prove that I didn’t “borrow” someone else’s transformation. I made a promise with myself that I’ll post when I reach my goal weight and I’m nearly there so please stay tuned!

Suffice it to say that keto changed my life in every conceivable way. Right now I have a lot of loose skin that I’m saving up to have removed and I couldn’t be happier.

My journey could be your journey also and I hope that going keto helps you as much as it has me.